Application 2019

Application deadline: Friday 30 August 2019

The application can be made in English or German
An independent jury will examine all applications.
Information: or tel. +43-1-2149014

Application form

1. Contact details

Name of the applicant person/organization*


Postal code / City*



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Bank details (IBAN.BIC, BAK)*

2. Applicant

Please submit a curriculum vitae, and if relevant a list of publications (see upload function below)


Short description of the organization (max. 100 words)

3. Already submitted /
project / work
(Practical or scientific)

Project title/description of work*

Short description of the most important aspects re content and aims of your project/work (max 150 words)*

4. Target groups

Which specific target groups should your project/work benefit?*

Range (how many people you have already reached so far and the projected amount of people you still hope to reach with your work)*

5. Time Plan/schedule

What is your exact schedule? (Beginning/end, or unlimited duration)*

6. Co-workers/ Team

How many co-workers and from exactly which occupations/areas of expertise are involved in the realization of your project/work?*

7. Integration/Networking

Is there a co-operation with other institutions/organisations or people with a similar objective i.e partners who might have a shared interest?*

8. Documentation

How will your project/ work be documented?*

9. Financing

Cost effective planning and actual budgeting of your project/work*

10. Project description and
actual status of the work

Background information, essential elements, goals etc (max 700 words)*

11. Database upload

Please upload any other documents you wish to add to your application such as curriculum vitae, list of publications, brochures, flyers, newspaper articles etc. If you would like to send more data, please convert them to a ZIP file.