Alexander Friedmann Prize 2019

Alexander Friedmann Foundation Prize
c/o ESRA, 1020 Vienna, Tempelgasse 5

Application deadline: 30 August 2019 (date of postmark)
Information: or Tel. 00-43-1-2149014
Application form: online-form or download word-document (doc.x)

The prize of € 10,000 is awarded to persons, projects or organizations which have shown exceptional commitment in their engagement to help traumatized people such as refugees, immigrants, and those whose belong to a minority group resulting in their persecution.

Outstanding achievements are honoured in psychological and social guidance, support and treatment, as well as exceptional work in the field of science. We have a particular interest in special achievements that transgress ethnical borders.

The annual prize money of € 10,000 could also be awarded to and divided between two winners. This prize money should be used to help expand the work that is in already in progress, and also help inform and raise awareness about the problems that need to be addressed.

The Alexander Friedmann Prize is dedicated to the memory of the psychiatrist Dr Alexander Friedmann who died in 2008.

Dr. Alexander Friedmann

Dr. Alexander Friedmann

University Professor Dr Alexander Friedmann (1948-2008) was a founding member of the psychological centre ESRA in Vienna. His special interest lay in transcultural psychology, a special category of social psychiatry. He initiated and built up the department for transcultural psychology at Vienna’s main general hospital, the AKH, which he supervised up until his death in 2008. This was just one of the many projects to which he dedicated his lifelong commitment specializing in working with people who were heavily traumatized as a result from being uprooted, forced to fleeing their countries of origin, having being submitted to persecution and or torture.

The psychological centre ESRA was founded in 1994 as a co-operation between the Israeli Cultural Community and the City of Vienna. ESRA offers a variety of medical, social and psychological support for the Jewish community of Vienna as well as specialized help for Holocaust survivors and their families. Also people who have been traumatized by acts of great violence or catastrophes can find support at ESRA. By awarding this prize, ESRA seeks to preserve and honour the work of Dr Alexander Friedmann. The Alexander Friedmann Foundation provides the funding.